Chemical-Free Disinfection - LED TAILOR

VRI, Health Care Related Infections, is a global problem that affects 1 in 10 patients treated in hospitals. In Sweden alone, this gives rise to annual costs of SEK 6.5 billion as a result of extra care days. The problem of VRI is also exacerbated by the increased proportion of infections caused by antibiotic-resistant microbes. This has major consequences from a patient perspective and also causes a lot of suffering. Therefore, it is extremely important to create a healthcare environment with better surface hygiene and air quality.

LED Tailor is a Finnish company that specializes in the development and manufacture of chemical-free disinfection solutions based on blue LED light. It is a technology that through many studies has proven very effective. It is used for effective disinfection of spaces and objects and they also work on antibiotic-resistant bacteria (incl. MRSA, EHEC, ESBL).